FES Ecology surpasses expectations and users continue to spike! On the first day of the launch of the Five Elements Bingo game, the number of global user registrations exceeded 10,000, and the total deposit exceeded 10 million FEC

Just a day before, the world-leading Five Elements System blockbuster APP was officially launched at 11:38 GMT+8. The first cycle of the five elements bidding kicked off and the results were announced at 12 noon today.
Within an hour after the APP was launched, the number of downloads exceeded 8,000, and the number of visits to the official website in a short period of time reached 50,000. At one point, both the official website and APP registration channel were taking some time to load as the traffic was too congested. 
Within 24 hours of the launch, the cumulative number of new registrations exceeded 10,000, and the totalled amount deposited into the APP exceeded 10 million FEC. According to the current FEC price, that is about 1.8 million US dollars. In the first round of FES five-element bingo bidding, a total of 20,000 people participated in the bidding, and the amount of FEC bids reached 6 million.
Following the first cycle of bidding, the highest amount of reward reached 100,000 FEC, and all participating users achieved an increase in the total amount of FEC held- realising the game concept of "everyone’s a winner"; a truly unprecedented event!
Furthermore, when more world-renowned chain game unions enter the market, the bidding game will also become increasingly exhilarating as the reward amount that can be divided will definitely increase. 
In the upcoming alliance competition that FES has in its plans, the winning alliance will have the opportunity to obtain rare NFTs and share millions of airdrop rewards. This will certainly attract a large number of chain game enthusiasts. So what are you waiting for? Invite friends to register together today and you can get bonus FEC for new players as well as referral rewards. Don't miss it!
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