CatcherVC Decides to Invest in ONSTON, Multi-Metaverse Platform

On January 10, 2022, ONSTON, a cryptocurrency project providing a virtual reality metaverse ecosystem using blockchain technology, announced through their official Twitter channel that CatchertVC has decided to invest in ONSTON project. 
CatcherVC is an investment fund dedicated to blockchain established 2018
CatcherVC team is composed of technology developers, industry KOLs, and senior financual professionals, all of whom boast extensive experience with blockchain.undiscovered projects in the blockchain world, sharing resources and insights with all stakeholders to uncover real and lasting value.
CatcherVC said, “We are congratulate that the great ONSTON project has partnered with CatcherVC and We believe ONSTON project will create great value in the near future.”
ONSTON intends to combine a lifestyle and communication platform, as well as a gaming and entertainment platform, based on the currently most anticipated metaverse.
ONSTON has entered into partnerships with currently influential blockchain projects such as Polygon and Avalanche and several entertainment platforms in Korea. They are expected to maintain a close relationship with ONSTON for the formation of ONSTON's metaverse. ONSTON developers said, “We want to deliver a unique and diverse experience to consumers based on VR and AR production capabilities, face recognition technology and virtual reality game technology.”
ONSTON is currently working with influential advisors to advance the ONSTON project. Recently, Flora Fang, COO of the High Street Core Team, has onboarded as an advisor, and is receiving investment from several VCs. In addition, various events are being held to broaden the awareness of ONSTON.
ONSTON's ultimate goal is to form close relationships with users through communities and channels, to get as many metaverse users as possible, and to serve as a space station for the metaverse where users can travel and use various metaverses.