Cosmic Mission set up a meta-cosmic laboratory

Cosmic Mission takes the development of community DAO as the core leading structure to link the development of ecology, which is supported by the community at home and abroad. The 800 whitelist is faster than expected.
CM is the ecological embodiment of the value of blockchain facing the age of the meta-universe. Its core goal is to establish a highly autonomous, secure, positive and powerful exchange and value mining blockchain network.
In 2022 cosmic Mission established meta-cosmic laboratory for the second quarter to accelerate the landing.
CM meta-universe is based on the community DAO as the link. The meta-universe chain tour created by CM adopts the combination of virtual and real scenes. On the basis of the current blockchain game, a variety of new scene elements are added, giving stronger rules of the game, making the game more interactive and entertaining, and more in line with the ultimate purpose of the game.