GameX Strategy Guide: EV Method

HASH RACING: An Innovative Blockchain Racing Game HASH RACING is a unique blockchain racing game that features a race every minute with five players competing. Players can choose the amount of GameX tokens to bet and select their racing track before the race begins. The game is simple and fun, with a winning probability of up to 80% for each race.

Understanding EV: EV stands for "Effort Values," which can be translated to "Expected Value." In GameX, EV helps you understand the average expected outcome of your decisions.
Based on GameX gameplay mechanics:
  • Win Probability: 80%
  • Loss Probability: 20%
  • Initial Bet: 100 Xcoin
If you win, the minimum payout per race is 23.47 Xcoin. If you lose, you lose your 100 Xcoin bet.
The EV formula is: EV=(WinProbability×WinPayout)−(LossProbability×LossAmount)EV = (Win Probability imes Win Payout) - (Loss Probability imes Loss Amount)EV=(WinProbability×WinPayout)−(LossProbability×LossAmount)

Calculating EV for a single bet of 100 Xcoin: EV=(80%×23.47)−(20%×100)=18.96−20=−1.04EV = (80% imes 23.47) - (20% imes 100) = 18.96 - 20 = -1.04EV=(80%×23.47)−(20%×100)=18.96−20=−1.04
This means that with a flat betting strategy, betting 100 Xcoin per race results in an EV of -1.04 Xcoin. However, since the goal is to earn more GMF Tokens, a flat betting strategy across five races implies a loss of -1.04 Xcoin per race, allowing you to accumulate the maximum number of GMF Tokens.

Example from My Account: In practice, I started with an initial investment of 500 U and currently have 50 U left after generating a turnover of over 70,000 in two days.

Triple Martingale Strategy: Now, let's magnify the EV approach using a triple Martingale strategy, where we triple our bet after each loss.
  • Single Loss Probability: 20%
  • Double Loss Probability: 4%
  • Triple Loss Probability: 0.8%
The probabilities of consecutive losses significantly decrease, making this strategy quite impactful.

EV Calculation:

1.First Bet: $10
If Loss: Bet $60 next
If Win: Return to $10 bet

2.Second Bet: $60
. If Loss: Bet $360 next
If Win: Return to $10 bet

3.Third Bet: $360

Choosing the least expensive Xcoin race track, we aim for a higher payout ratio, approximately 25.5.
EV=(99.2%×25.5)−(0.8%×430)=25.296−3.44=21.856EV = (99.2% imes 25.5) - (0.8% imes 430) = 25.296 - 3.44 = 21.856EV=(99.2%×25.5)−(0.8%×430)=25.296−3.44=21.856
Though there is a chance of losing three consecutive bets, the probability is very low. If you lose three times in a row, restart from the initial 10 Xcoin bet.

Two-Bet Martingale Strategy:
Another option is the two-bet Martingale strategy, doubling the bet after each loss.
EV=(96%×5.1)−(4%×70)=4.896−2.8=2.096EV = (96% imes 5.1) - (4% imes 70) = 4.896 - 2.8 = 2.096EV=(96%×5.1)−(4%×70)=4.896−2.8=2.096
While this strategy is simpler, it still provides a positive EV, similar to Macau's Lucky Six, which has a very low winning probability.

Key Takeaways:
  • Track Results: Regularly monitor your bets and outcomes to refine your strategy.
  • Bankroll Management: Manage your bankroll carefully to ensure sustainability.
  • Risk Awareness: Understand the risks involved and avoid emotional decisions.
By applying EV-based strategies and the triple Martingale betting approach, you can enhance your betting approach in GameX Hash Racing. Always remember to play responsibly and enjoy the process. Happy racing!
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