From cloud computing power to super computing power, SolaRoads global AI supercomputing supply platform sets off a new form of computing power

Today, we live in an age of information explosion. Have you ever wondered how hundreds of millions of people order their airline tickets and seats in an app every year? How to find the news you are most interested in among hundreds of millions of news every day? How do you know where you are when you take a taxi in Uber? How do you find you from the shortest path? How can you quickly read and query the massive 12.8G of data generated per person per day on average around the world? How was the ballistic calculation of the world's first hydrogen bomb shortened from 42 hours to 20 minutes? 

All these are supported by computing power behind.

However, the average individual arithmetic power only meets one millionth of the total demand. For every 1% increase in arithmetic power, a country's digital economy and GDP grow by 3.3% and 1.8% respectively; for every $1 invested in the arithmetic power industry, it will bring $4 in revenue. The stronger the arithmetic power, the more you gain.
Currently, the top six countries in the world in terms of arithmetic power are: USA, China, Japan, Germany, UK, France, and also the top six countries in terms of GDP.

Arithmetic is the productivity, especially the new power of AI era, arithmetic is the national power, the new energy of digital era, massive computing becomes the new demand and strategic reserve, AIGC, meta-universe, driverless, smart city, smart transportation, life medicine, climate prediction, all cannot be separated from super arithmetic.

Currently, the world is welcoming the arrival of the digital era, and according to relevant statistics, the arithmetic market will have a market size of $2 trillion in 2023 alone. The rapid rise of emerging fields such as scientific research, artificial intelligence, digital twin and meta-universe is driving the rapid growth of global computing power, driving multiple innovations in computing power technologies and products, and reshaping the industrial landscape, making computing power the new engine of global digital economy development and the new focus of strategic competition among countries. In the future, the more arithmetic power a person has, the more he or she will have. In the future, whoever has more arithmetic power will have absolute wealth. However, it is still facing problems such as weak technology industry, development environment needs to be optimized, and the demand for computing power cannot be met.

SolaRoad supercomputing public chain establishes global arithmetic development 2.0 from five dimensions: arithmetic scale, arithmetic technology, arithmetic industry, arithmetic environment and arithmetic application, which enhances two dimensions of arithmetic industry and arithmetic technology, and promotes arithmetic technology industry, infrastructure construction and arithmetic application development for the world.

Sola Digital Foundation is Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Singapore OSL SG Pte Limited, Stanislaw, Mr. Edward and a number of investment institutions jointly established in Singapore, will open arithmetic investment for global users through the digital asset compliance path, holding Singapore PAS digital photo, under the supervision of Complete business expansion and exponential rise, Sola Digital Foundation through SolaRoad arithmetic investment platform will be the user digital assets investment, will be used for more regions around the world supercomputing center arithmetic power procurement, through the arithmetic power lease in order to obtain a higher return on investment. At the same time, it makes it easier for users to participate in the most competitive industries in the future to enjoy the arithmetic power leasing and high income dividends from the foundation.

SolaRoad is a global data center infrastructure supply service provider, whose business covers IDC data center, data security, cloud computing, DNS & CDN, system R&D, etc. SolaRoad supercomputing public chain will provide multi-centralized supercomputing computing power leasing service for clients, Web3 organizations and enterprise users, and build a supercomputing cluster with SOLA-G7 computing power through the blockchain on-chain model. The supercomputing cluster with SOLA-G7 server as the cornerstone will mainly build a decentralized digital intelligence fusion AI computing power system to serve global AI enterprises and digital economy enterprises. 

Compared with traditional cloud computing services, SolaRoad can provide users with decentralized machines and services, connecting decentralized computing power from all over the world, and the investment and use of idle resources makes the cost of AI computing power more significantly reduced.

In addition, SolaRoad adopts the model of "on-chain consensus and off-chain computing". The off-chain computing nodes are not bound by the consensus algorithm, and can combine the computing power of multiple nodes through concurrent programming, so that SolaRoad can provide continuous computing power services even for the heavy computing tasks of AI.

SolaRoad is built on a trusted execution environment, which means that even a malicious node cannot steal AI data or manipulate the execution of its automated programs to provide false results. Through the de-trusted computing environment provided by SolaRoad, people can solve many kinds of problems such as privacy protection in AI applications through the underlying technology framework without the concern of centralized control, thus establishing a reliable and de-trusted AI ecology.

SolaRoad uses blockchain technology to build a new production relationship, innovatively solve the problem of arithmetic power supply, and reconstruct the cloud computing industry chain to turn a closed system dominated by giants like cloud computing into an open system where everyone can participate in the common construction and benefit sharing, and jointly build the infrastructure of the AI+Web3+5G era.

SolaRoad's vision is to create a HPCS high-performance supercomputing space network, which can achieve exponential scale growth of current supercomputing center clusters more efficiently through distributed computing power clusters and Ai AI engine, thus reducing computing costs and increasing commercialization value.

At present, SolaRoad has established AI supercomputing service centers in Japan, Hong Kong and Thailand in Asia, and will gradually establish supercomputing service centers in North America and Europe in the future, leading the way with a point and radiating the world, planning to build supercomputing service clusters in 20 countries around the world within 2 years to help promote the development of new production methods and landing applications of artificial intelligence.

Arithmetic power changes the world, and arithmetic power drives the future. In the future, arithmetic will be everywhere, and when everything is inseparable from arithmetic, a new era of arithmetic economy is coming. As the world's first supercomputing public chain built on HPOS consensus mechanism, SolaRoad focuses on building an epoch-making supercomputing ecosystem, aiming to provide the most advanced productivity for industries such as Ai AI, Smart Internet and Metaverse, linking global arithmetic power and sharing it with every user.SolaRoad, changing the world, accelerating civilization and the times!