Deere Plan will go live with social features at the end of the month

The Deere Plan has been fully launched worldwide since March and has received a lot of support and love from our fans. Today we are happy to announce that Deere Social will be launched at the end of the month.
Deere enters the stage SocialFi, we will build the main framework to lay the user base through blockchain anonymous social application. Social platforms should be more decentralized, but blockchain + social media applications have always been difficult to become a climate because of various reasons such as user habits and lack of interest drivers, and Deere makes decentralized social seem possible after combining NFT, DeFi, metaverse and social.

Deere will build a social platform in the metaverse ecosystem with distributed encrypted storage of user data to provide a secure, anonymous, and unique-key certifiable network of communication and social services for global users. Through the use of blockchain technology hash encryption to create secure communication, data is stored in a decentralized manner based on distributed servers, which is naturally disaster-resistant, and each server is interconnected with each other, and communication content is stored to achieve the highest level of communication encryption, thus providing secure, anonymous, and unique key verifiable communication and social services for global users. Luwa will be the only token in Deere Social that can be used for trading, bounty, red envelope, fiat currency exchange, etc.

In Deere's anonymous social application, virtual identities can reduce the social barriers caused by physical distance and social status and give users a stronger sense of immersion. By personalizing virtual identities, users can choose to look the way they want to look, giving them a greater sense of immersion, and they can create their own props to express their personality. At the same time, virtual social platforms eliminate a range of social barriers, including physical distance, physical appearance, wealth disparity or racial and faith differences, giving users the opportunity to express themselves without pressure.
At the same time, the huge amount of traffic brought by the social layer will be available to expand Deere Social's ecological boundaries, such as games, NFT trading, live streaming and short video segments, and based on the social traffic, we will subsequently build hundreds or even thousands of applications to build a complete decentralized traffic social ecology that is sufficient to disrupt the traditional social ecology.