REVA Completes Million Level Angel Found Financing REVA Successfully Completed The Financing Became The Most Powerful Pioneer in The Blockchain Industry

At the end of this month, REVA announced the completion of the million evel Angel Round of financing invested by Bain Capital. Its founder John said that the purpose of this round of financing is mainly to enable REVA to build a stronger technical team and strengthen the research and development of blockchain projects.

Many people may feel strange about what blockchain is. As early as before 2018, many people knew nothing about Bitcoin. After a year of market wave, Bitcoin once rose to $120000 last year. As a virtual currency with value-added space, it is gradually known by the public and slowly ushered in its new opportunities. Many investment institutions are competing for investment, and its rising prices also show that its considerable value-added space can not be underestimated. Now the market has a high degree of recognition of it. A large number of entrepreneurs see the opportunity and join the industry one after another, setting off a large wave of entrepreneurship. Some of the innovation projects are very promising, but the development of this industry is not very mature, the infrastructure is relatively imperfect, and the cognition is limited. There is a certain degree of attention.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of sufficient technology accumulation, it is easy to be copied by opponents.

The emergence of this situation fully shows that the blockchain in the current market has broken boards. If you want to fill the broken boards, you need a very professional team to operate. It is reported that many investment institutions are also interested in the token market and are optimistic about its prospects. REVA has made great achievements in this industry and has mature technology. The core members of REVA are industry leaders, who come from the top teams of famous Silicon Valley companies. After years of training, they are very experienced and are high-quality seed players.

As a pioneer in the blockchain industry, REVA has been constantly exploring and is committed to helping unified enterprises complete chain reform and research and development blockchain projects to do better. John said: as long as blockchain can be popularized, more blockchain applications will appear. Traditional enterprises use the characteristics of blockchain technology through public chain reform, such as distributed bookkeeping, data tamperability, consensus mechanism, smart contract, token incentive, etc. Organically integrate blockchain technology with enterprises, so that users' behaviors and data can be linked and recorded in real time, so as to achieve a more open and transparent effect, and enhance users' stickiness, which plays an important role in users' growth and expansion.

At present, although the blockchain is still in the exploration stage of multiple business scenarios, XXX is the first company to obtain financing in the blocklink application, which is enough to illustrate the capital's trust and recognition of the team, products and market potential. Seize the opportunity and continue to develop. This year will be a year for blockchain technology to polish, a year for returning to the essence of the enterprise, and a year for blockchain to turn from virtual to real. Blockchain is value-added, making value realize greater value.